United for Peace

In a ceremony which took place on 10th December 2015, the Tunisian Nationa l Dialogue Quartet received the Nobel Peace Prize for 2015.

During her speech, when she made the award, the Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Kavi Kullmann Five said the following:


"We live in turbulent times. In North Africa, the Middle East and Europe, millions of

people are fleeing from war, oppression, suffering and terror. The causes of the refugee

crisis are numerous and complex, and there are no simple solutions. But one thing is

indisputable: if every country had done as Tunisia has done, and paved the way for

dialogue, tolerance, democracy and equal rights, far fewer people would have been forced

to flee. Tunisia has shown the world that Islamist and secular political movements can

negotiate with one another to reach solutions in the country's best interests, if only they are

willing to do so!"


She also talked about the remarkable nature of Tunisia’s path to democracy,

highlighting, amongst other things, the cooperation across religious divisions and the

key role played by women. 


She spoke of the challenges facing Tunisia and of the worldwide threat of terrorism



"In this time of terror, the threats against Tunisia and the Tunisian people are

indistinguishable from the threats against other countries. They are the same forces that

broke the peace this autumn with acts of terrorism in so many places, including Beirut,

Ankara, in the airspace over the Sinai peninsula, and in Paris, Bamako and Tunis, and

that recently murdered a Norwegian, a Chinese and a Russian hostage in Syria. Because

the threat is essentially the same to us all, we must stand together to combat it."


The Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet was set up in the summer of 2013 and made up

of the union federation UGTT, the employers’ institute, the Tunisian human rights

league and the order of lawyers. It set out a roadmap for the transition to democracy

and peace, winning widespread support from the people of Tunisia. 


To celebrate the award of the Nobel Peace Prize and  to affirm Tunisia’s strong

commitment to peace and democracy, Tunisia has released a video. You can see it



There is also a social media campaign which is accompanying it, for


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