Souks and Medinas

Today, traditional markets still play an important role in Tunisian life. Shops and stalls normally stay open until about 6pm -7pm, but the main tourist alleys, like the Rue Jamaa Zitouna in Tunis’s main souk, stay open longer. To provide shade from the sun many markets are often covered with roofs, with air-conditioning in the more exclusive shops.


As well as being markets and bazaars, souks offer a tempting variety of places to go for a glass of mint tea and watch the hustle and bustle going on around.


An ancient citadel with high walls and small windows normally found on a hilltop or close to harbours. Some of the most beautiful Kasbahs can be seen in Le Kef, Sousse and Tunis.


A town’s walled old quarter with shady and narrow streets that are full of interesting sights.

There are also many small restaurants and cafes tucked away in the Medinas where everyone stops to catch up with the day’s news and enjoy a glass of tea. If you are shopping for something specific, it’s a good idea to find where the appropriate souk is before you set out, though exploring is half the fun!