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It all started with the Carthage Film Festival (JCC 2015) show, a growing awareness on the Arab-African stage with the vocation and the desire for independence and cultural expression. From Nov. 21 to 28, 2015, young talents, professionals and personalities of cinema flocked from all over the world and enhance their presence on the appointment of the season.

Since their creation in 1966, the JCC were at a time a revelation for the Arab and African culture and a real spotlight for both Tunisia tourist destination and film shoots. It has allowed moviegoers to discover troglodyte homes of southern Tunisia in the Star Wars or alleys of the medina of Sfax in The English Patient.

It is in this context turned to the development and promotion that Jetset launched in partnership with the Tunisian National Tourist Office , JSmag the free digital magazine. JSmag invites you to discover the different aspects of this application available for the promotion of culture and the Tunisian nightlife.


Contacts: Tunisian National Tourist Office in Tunisia

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    La Marsa beach

    La Marsa is one of the prettiest and chicest beaches in Tunis....

    more >

    Mahdia beach

    Offers opportunities for jetskiing, windsurfing, parasailing, ...

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    Kelibia beach

    A huge beach, considered one of the finest Tunisia has to offe...

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    Blue Dolphin Djerba

    To find out more

    Address: BP. 137,
    4133 Robbana / El May

    Tel: (...

    more >

    Alyssa Diving Centre

    To find out more

    Address: Kuriat Palace Hotel,
    5000 Skanes / M...

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    Horse Riding

    Hunting (Horseriding)

    Hunting of wild boar still takes place in the regions of Tabar...

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    Museum of Popular Art and Tradition

    Formerly known as Dar Ben Abdallah Museum, the Museum of Popul...

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    Dougga (Thugga)

    Dougga is all that one dreams a Roman site should be. Grandios...

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    Thuburbo Majus

    Unlike most Roman cities, Thuburbo Majus lacks the straight st...

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    Zembra National Park

    The islands of Zembra and Zembretta are located in the Gulf of...

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    Planet Oasis

    Planet Oasis

    Planet Oasis, a privileged position to observe the planets and...

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    Ichkeul National Park

    This World Heritage-listed national park is 30km (18 miles) so...

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