Tunisia-UK: “tourism ties to resume as soon as possible”

“Tourism ties between Tunisia and the United Kingdom will resume as soon as possible”, Andrew Murisson, British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Trade Envoy to Tunisia and Morocco said on Friday in Tunis.

He told TAP news agency on his departure from Tunis, he will work with UK officials for a recovery, as soon as possible, of bilateral tourist relations, given the position held by tourism in the country’s economy.

“The regular updating by the British authorities of the travel advice for their nationals visiting Tunisia is not a ban from visiting this tourist destination,” he noted, adding that the advice is still respected by the British.

Murisson noted, in this regard, that UK tour operators scheduling Tunisia shall take the necessary arrangements but remain cautious with respect to security.

An attack in a tourist resort in Sousse had left 30 Britons dead in June 2015.

On British investment in Tunisia, Murisson said that after focusing on energy, it will be extended to health and information and communication technology (ICT), “especially that Tunisia will become a regional hub.”

Murrison made a one-day visit to the Tunisian capital with the aim of “strengthening the Tunisian-UK trade relations and raise the bilateral relations to a higher level.”

During this short visit, he had meetings with Tunisian officials and businessmen and representatives of the Tunisian British Chamber of Commerce.



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